The DMS-101 is a 4-bend rail suitable for use on pool stairs and sloped entries. Constructed of polished stainless steel.

Item#: DMS101AMG
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  • Tubing: 1.90” OD
  • Wall Thickness: .049” or .065”
  • Stainless Steel: 304 or 316L Marine Grade
  • Bends: 6” Radius
  • Options: Powder-coating and SealedSteel Salt Friendly
  • Recommended Anchors: AS-100P or AS-100B (order separately)
  • Recommended Escutcheon: EP-100F (order separately)
  • Sold as a single rail
  • Minimum rail thickness – .049 for Residential, .065 for Commercial
  • Minimum requirement for salt pools is 316L Marine Grade

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