A Workhorse Diverter Valve That Remains the Standard-Bearer of Jandy Pro Series

Tough and economical, the Gray Valve remains a leading product for the Jandy Pro Series. Made of durable CPVC, the valve enjoys a 20-year track record of proven reliability. It is available in 1.5" x 2" and 2" x 2.5" sizes and can be lubricated without dis-assembly.

Item#: JI2875
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  • Can be lubricated without dis-assembly
  • Made of super-durable CPVC
  • Proven reliability, 20-year track record

Technical Details:

  • Grease cap eliminates need to disassemble valve for lubrication
  • Made from durable CPVC
  • Available in 1.5" x 2" and 2" x 2.5" sizes

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