These beautiful Laminars are perfect for night time viewing either individually or in multiple arrangements. Fiberstars Large
Laminar Flow Fountain comes with 20’ or 40’ of fiber preattached. It includes a Light Enhancement Device (built in), which
is a fully adjustable device for increasing the light output in the water flow. The fiber and laminar are produced together for
an optimum light output. For best lighting results, keep the water throw under 6’ up and 6’ out, for best lighting output you
should aim these at the viewing area.
DIMENSIONS OF DECK BOX: 19 3/4” H x 13 1/2” W. The deck box lids can be painted to your desired color. Use paint that
is suitable for use on ABS materials

Item#: LLF20DB
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  • Quick connect - disconnect water flow
  • Better light output with direct drive LED only (no fiber)

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